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Hexagonal water: The key to health (unabridged edition)

Hexagonal water: The key to health (unabridged edition)

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Take your understanding of water to a whole new level!
Discover why it can be beneficial to drink the liquid crystal called hexagonal water. According to Dr Jhon, drinking hexagonal water provides increased hydration, more effective detoxification, optimised absorption of nutrients, improved metabolic efficiency, increased cell communication and, as a result, improved health.

This book is the first German-language standard work on "Hexagonal Water" in relation to human health. A scientifically substantiated introduction to a subject that is likely to significantly improve the quality of life. Definitely worth ordering.

Written by Mu Shik Jhon (Korean scientist), M J Pangman (US-American science writer), Inna Kralovyetts (illustrator), Daniel Wagner (translator). 136 pages in German, hardback edition.
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